What have you got to give?

This is another one of my multi-topic posts. I won’t keep you long, but please do me a...

Love Like Jesus

What do you do, with people who are different than you? Growing up, I had a pretty diverse circle...

The Importance of Relationships

How are you? If I had a magic wand today my wish would be to sit down with...

Living Life Reactively

Most people live life reactively, but I believe one of the Bible's messages is: there's a better way...

New Testament Power Couple

I have been looking forward to this message for some time! I think the story we are going...

The Profound Power of Words

It was the summer of 1986 when a conversation took place inside that restaurant that changed the trajectory...

Frustrated with God?

But as awesome as the last few days were, today I received one more reminder about how quickly...

Mentors: Ordinary People Who Trust God

I am who I am because of many ordinary people who trusted God to use their own experiences...

Love Each Other Well

So here is my ask – love each other well through this time. Some of the greatest damage...

Could it be you?

It’s our expectation that the fall will feel like a comprehensive relaunch of our church into the post-pandemic...

The Latest in Three Arenas

As we all head into the first full summer weekend, I want to make you aware of the...

Church: On the Other Side of COVID

It's an understatement to say we're living in fascinating times. Simultaneous with when our province is winding down...

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