Welcome to Treehouse Preschool in Sherwood Park

TreeHouse Preschool is a fun place where three and four-year-old's get their first experience of going to school and learn that school is a great place to be! Our goal is to provide a quality, purposeful preschool program in a safe, welcoming environment that will engage children in the following ways:
  • Emotionally. Feel safe and loved by caring, equipped teachers and identify/express their emotions in healthy ways.
  • Creatively. Our themed units allow children to imagine and explore the world around them. Children are given opportunities to express themselves freely in multiple ways including music and art.
  • Intellectually. Engaged in age-appropriate activities that focus on early literacy, numeracy, shapes, colours, etc.
  • Socially. How to interact in social environments, make friends and learn to be kind, listen, take turns and share.
  • Physically. Gross motor skills are enhanced through indoor and outdoor play. Fine motor skills are purposefully developed through creative activities each day.
  • Spiritually. Our Christian teachers daily integrate Bible stories and prayer to help children learn that God made them, loves them and can be their forever friend.
We are a preschool and pre-kindergarten program in Sherwood Park, a ministry of Sherwood Park Alliance Church and located in a bright, beautiful classroom inside the main building. You do not need to attend Sherwood Park Alliance Church to come to our preschool. Many of our children go on to attend Kindergarten at Strathcona Christian Academy, but many attend other schools too. We welcome everyone from our community and look forward to meeting you!
Our classroom is fully staffed with the teachers so parents are not required to help, clean toys or prep. Opportunities to help are available but not required.
Please click on the links for information about days of our classes, fees and registration dates.
More Info
Heather Spronk
TreeHouse Preschool Manager
780.467.8404 x 316

Parent Testimonials

"This was the first time that we chose Treehouse Preschool, and our kid absolutely loved it. The teachers are very caring and detail oriented, with a focus on kids' development. Our daughter loved all the daily activities and enjoyed all special events the school provided. Every afternoon when we picked her up from school, she would sing the songs she learned from school and shared what had happened at school that day. As a working mom, I appreciated that there were spots available to sign up for the afternoon class. Because of that, I was able to have more chances to pick her up and see her smiley face after school." - Lei

"Treehouse preschool was a blessing. I found the afternoon class was a great way to transition my kids away from napping and staying more focused. It really helped my child prepare for all day kindergarten classes for the next year!"- Samantha

"My son really enjoyed his class at the Treehouse with his wonderful loving teachers. It made him always excited in the morning knowing that he would have school in the afternoon. He had the best days at TreeHouse class." - Annalyn