The Art of Advent | Joseph

December 08, 2023

The Art of Advent | Joseph

Hello friends,

Another unashamed plug for the next gatherings! As we move into the second week of Advent, we’re thrilled to be welcoming a guest who, I promise, is gonna make it memorable. Steve Bell is with us all weekend, taking a prominent role in Saturday night and Sunday morning services before wrapping things up with a full concert Sunday night (the concert is a ticketed event – get yours here).

Steve is a deeply rooted follower of Jesus, a superb singer/songwriter and storyteller, and a decent writer as well. I was talking with him yesterday, discussing my message this weekend (part 2 of our Art of Advent series), and after telling him this week’s art piece and message content has a lot to do with Joseph, the earthly father of Jesus, Steve went out of his way to send me an inspiring short piece he wrote about Joseph...Steve’s even helping me with message prep!

If last weekend was all about kids and cuteness (which is why Brody taught), this weekend we’re prioritizing art, story, and music, all ways to lean into the beauty and joy that is Christmas.

Take care,

-Greg Hochhalter | Lead Pastor