Care and Support

Find Hope in the Journey

Pain. Exhaustion. Illness. Grief. These and many other struggles are part of the human experience for all of us. They can leave us feeling isolated, confused and, at times, hopeless. Through one-to-one conversations, support groups, and resources, we seek to offer a safe place where you can be honest with your struggles and find hope in the journey.

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Seniors Connect

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Life Challenges

We all face seasons of difficulty and pain in life. Whether it relates to mental health, relationships, a financial crunch or some other struggle, find encouragement and support by connecting with our Care Team. Available for anyone 18+.

If you have questions or concerns, we want you to know that you are not alone. If you are uncertain where to begin, please contact the Care Ministry Team. We also can refer individuals to respected Christian Counsellors for one-on-one support.

Support Groups

Every life has seasons of pain, crisis and challenges that can be isolating and confusing. Support Groups are a safe place to find connections, hope, and a path forward. Support groups are offered in areas such as mental health, grief, and identity. 


As we age, we all need a little more support. Connect with other Seniors 75+ to make sure you have the support you need. 

Seniors Connect - a monthly opportunity for Seniors to connect.

Grief and Loss

Grief is overwhelming and finding a way through it can be difficult. It helps to know that you do not have to grieve alone. Find support, comfort and community with others who have experienced a deep loss and discover how God can give you peace and hope.

Find comfort and community with others who have experienced death of a loved one through our GriefShare Support Group. 

Illness & Injury

A time of sickness can have all kinds of challenges. Whether it's a cancer diagnosis, a surgery or something else, Care Team members are ready to have a caring conversation and to help you navigate your journey.

To receive support and encouragement from our Care Team contact us or call 780.467.8404.


When facing life's challenges sometimes what you need most is someone with a compassionate, non-judgemental listening ear. Someone who will hear your story and pray with you as you look for the next step in the journey.

Ways to Receive Prayer

Altar Prayer: Members of the Prayer Team make themselves available to pray with those desiring prayer immediately following select weekend services. If you have a need, please come to the front of the auditorium at the conclusion of the service and someone will pray with you.

Elder's Prayer: Based on the principle set forth in James 5:14-16, our Elders are available to pray for and anoint with oil anyone in need of healing.