Deeply Rooted.. In Self-Awareness

November 17, 2023

Deeply Rooted.. In Self-Awareness

Hi church family!

I’m looking forward to this weekend’s gatherings believing that the text I’m covering (Matthew 7:1-5) is one we need right now. We need it badly! I’m talking about the famous “Do not judge, so you won’t be judged...” section of the Sermon on the Mount. Restated, the word from Jesus is: “...Don’t obsess over the splinter in someone else’s eye while forgetting that you have a great big ol’ board sticking out of your own eye!

In the age of Christian nationalism and political polarization (not to mention demonization), we need some wisdom from Jesus to calm us down. But how do we exercise the sober judgement necessary for wise living without demonizing others? How do we recognize our own short-comings and prioritize them rather than obsessing over what others need to clean up? Biblical answers to those kinds of questions arriving soon at a church near you! Hope you can join us in person or online, Saturday night or Sunday morning.

-Greg Hochhalter

Lead Pastor


Pizza with the Pastor

If you are new or feel new - we'd love to have you join us for pizza! Discover how to get connected and enjoy the opportunity to meet others.

Pizza with the Pastor is a regular event we hold as a way for you to meet others who are new(er), as well as some of the pastoral team.

This event will be held after the service on Saturday, November 26th at 7:15pm in Legato.

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Annual General Meeting

The Elder Board invites you to attend the Annual General Meeting to celebrate God's faithfulness this past year, make decisions regarding future Elder Board Members and hear a bit about what the coming year will hold. This meeting will be held in-person and online. 
Sunday, November 26,2023 at 11:30 AM | In Person and Live-Streamed

Everyone is welcome to attend. Voting is reserved for church members who are participating in-person in the auditorium only. More details are available here.


Wye String Ensemble

Our Seniors are hosting a FREE Christmas Concert for all ages, with music provided by the Wye Strings Ensemble on Saturday November 25, 2023 at 10:30 am in the South Atrium at Sherwood Park Alliance Church.

Come kick off the Christmas season by enjoying a festive concert by Wye String Ensemble. Everyone is welcome!

More information is available here


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