Why Choose Jesus?

Until now, we've been using this reassurance mostly in circles of Life Group Leaders: "why we gather matters...

Circles versus Rows

A year ago we started to talk in terms of the unique things that can happen in circles...

Your Faithful Support

I just had one of my favorite conversations of the last couple of weeks. I got to spend...

Rejoice with those who rejoice & weep with those who weep.

What makes the good days so much better and the bad days a lot more bearable? Community. I...

Help My Unbelief

First, at the risk of sounding self-indulgent, I'm fired up about the new teaching series which will stream...

The Spectrum of Mothering

As a son and husband I often get unsolicited reminders from well meaning family members about this Sunday...

Keep It Simple

Being home more these days is teaching me a lot about how I encounter God, and how I...

I'm Back. Pastor Jeremy Returns!

I'm back! Now it could be that you didn't even know I was gone, so let me explain. Just...

Paul's vision of a unified, multi-ethnic church

As much as I try not to let national news in Canada and the U.S. impact my mood...

Explore God's power and wisdom to make your imperfect family a little less imperfect

I'm not sure how old I was when I reached the conclusion that every family is messed up....

This Weekend: Hope & Promise

Today we find ourselves uniquely positioned like Jesus and the disciples, the night before. I want to ask you...

Jesus Is Our Hope

Welcome to the 'in-between days.' Just when the days get warmer and we head outside, the cold and...

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