COVID-19 Response

Updated: July 10, 2020

We all want to be together in person and long to go back to life as we once knew it, that is, the way it was before COVID-19 disrupted our world, our nation, our community and our church. We miss being together, but it’s complicated. The reality is, that even as we prepare to resume a form of on-campus ministry, the provincial health authority asks that we continue to meet online, as the creative expressions (handshaking, hugging, singing, high-fiving, etc.) of a church pose the highest risk for spread of the virus.

Your health and safety are a top priority. We must consider the various factors involved in deciding to reopen, even in a modified capacity, along with the potential risks, especially for the most vulnerable. One thing is certain: when we do return, church will be very different than when we left.
Reopening requires careful planning, establishing intentional and effective protocols that include physically distancing; no handshakes or hugs; masks in the room—possibly even mandated; no food or drink; controlled entrances and exits; sanitization areas; washroom protocols; allotted time to disinfect areas before, after and between begin to get the picture. We expect children will likely be in the room during services as kids ministry and nursery is curtailed. There is a high probability that registration will be necessary for those choosing to physically attend for contact tracing and we will have to plan for a specific number of people to attend, which likely means capping/limiting attendance.
We are well on our way to securing the critical supplies needed to facilitate gatherings (thank you to many of you who have helped in this area). Volunteer teams will soon be recruited and rebuilt, with additional training to safely welcome you back to our building.
While we begin to plan for the resumption of on-campus activities, Sherwood Park Alliance Church will take every precaution necessary to ensure the safety and health of everyone in our congregation and we will continue rely on the directives of the Alberta Health Authority.
In-person gatherings have always been a significant practice in how we worship and care for one another, and now we are forced to approach the way we worship and serve others differently than what we have been accustomed to. It’s hard, but we continue to look for ways we can be together in community and pray that soon, we will be together in person.

Updated: March 26, 2020

Learning to be a Church at Distance -  Our response to COVID-19 (Coronavirus)
Amidst the concerns around the rapidly changing environment of COVID-19 and the constant influx of media reports, we pause to remember that our God is sovereign and His ministry will continue in spite of this new situation we are experiencing. After prayerful consideration, we have made the decision to alter our church service and church community experiences to proactively minimize and prevent the spread of COVID-19. 

The change is a move away from physical gatherings to digital gatherings such as online church (at our normal times), virtual meetings and phone. While the church staff team will still be working at the church building, gatherings of kids, youth and adults will be held through digital means. We will enhance our care for each other through the following:
  • Prayer - If you need prayer, please advise us through our online prayer request or by calling the church office. If you would like to join the online Prayer Team, please let us know through our contact form selecting the Join the Online Prayer Team topic.
  • Compassion - If you need assistance in this challenging time, please let us know through our contact form selecting the Compassion topic.
  • Offerings – We encourage you to continue to support the ministry of our church by using our online giving function.  
  • Travel – We have postponed non-essential travel including the short-term mission trip to Belize.
  • If you would like, let the church know of any COVID-19 related concerns. Please let us know through our contact form selecting the COVID-19 topic.
  • We are exploring innovative ideas and creative ways to continue serving by providing love, care and guidance to others, especially those who may be isolated, lonely, in fear or in need. If you are interested in joining in this, please let us know through our contact form selecting the I'm Interested in Serving topic. 
These days, we are learning how to be the church and how to do church at a distance. Let’s be in prayer together, that we would be filled with a sense of hope, not fear, knowing that nothing separates us from God’s love. We look fully to God and trust in Him.
NOTE:  This includes the schools that operate at our campuses including Strathcona Christian Elementary, Strathcona Christian Secondary and Treehouse Preschool.

A Time for Prayer and Fasting
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