Moses: Lessons in Leadership | Act Courageously

January 12, 2024

Moses: Lessons in Leadership | Act Courageously

A burning bush?

Yes please! On a frigid Friday a burning bush sounds appealing, doesn't it?! Last weekend we started a new teaching series: Moses: Lessons in Leadership, and as we reflected on Moses' campfire experience in the Midian desert, we were challenged to seek God's leading for 2024 by discerning the voice and activities of God in our time, and our day. And if God would choose to do for me what He did for Moses, I'd welcome it, for more than one reason!

This week we jump forward in the story to Exodus 14 where Moses leads Israel through the wilderness, including one of the most dramatic detours in history.

Are you going to brave the cold and join us at the church where the fellowship is warm, and the coffee hot. Or are you going to opt for doing 'couch church' or 'bed church' this weekend? We encourage you to do what's best for your family - we are happy to have you come to church in whatever way works best (and is the safest) for you. Tune in on our website or in all the usual places, including YouTube and Apple TV.

 Stay warm, and stay safe everyone,

 -Greg Hochhalter | Lead Pastor