Moses: Lessons in Leadership | Stay Dependent

January 05, 2024

Moses: Lessons in Leadership | Stay Dependent

Happy New Year!

This morning I was listening to a podcast and the hosts were debating as to how long it’s appropriate to greet others in that way...I don’t have a strong opinion, other than it still feels okay today, but by next week? Probably not. So, for the last time, thank you for playing a part in what was a wonderful 2023 for our community, and for the palpable spirit of expectation that’s being demonstrated by many in our church. God be with you in 2024, and may He be your source of strength, security, and safety. 

If you’re able to be part of this weekend’s gatherings, I’ll be starting a message series I’ve been anticipating for several months. For the first time in a long time we’re gonna reflect on the life of Moses, specifically, the profound leadership lessons embedded in his story. We’ll explore topics like faith, courage, and resilience in the face of adversity. Through the wilderness of decision-making, to humility in leadership, trusting in God’s guidance, there’s something applicable for every age and stage. Part 1 drops Saturday night at 6, or Sunday morning at 10, as always, in person or online.

Greg Hochhalter | Lead Pastor