Imperfect Parents

Greg Hochhalter, Greg Ramsden, Jeremy Cook, Rita Penner

Parenting is difficult. As children grow and develop, they change; they continue to develop their personalities and understanding about the world around them. Parents are tasked with navigating the best way to effectively care for, coach and guide them through these experiences, based on a child’s unique needs, while trying hard not to mess up!
One piece of advice that was given to Pastor Greg Hochhalter when he first became a parent, was to parent in stages:
• Discipline Stage: Ages 1-5
• Training Stage: Ages 5-12
• Coaching Years: Ages 13-19
• Friendship Years: Ages 20+
Pastors Greg Hochhalter, Rita Penner, Greg Ramsden, and Jeremy Cook wrap-up the My Imperfect Family series. Together they discuss their experiences and some wisdom they’ve learned on their parenting. They also offer some advice to parents who are going through the different stages of parenting and discuss what God has to say about parenting and relationships in general.
This is the full service. Sermon begins at 27:04.

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