April 18, 2021

New Copernicans

My Imperfect Family • Brody Jespersen & James Choi
A parallel exists between the story of Nicodemus and his curiosity-seeking mentality to that of our young adults and the millennial generation. Nicodemus, a Pharisee, sought-out and questioned Jesus. Instead of condemning Nicodemus, Jesus encouraged him to continue the conversation and to ask questions. We, as a church, need to do the same with young people. When young people are asked why they are leaving the church, the top response is they feel like the church is full of condemnation and rigidity--they have to act and perform in a certain way in order to be accepted. This is contrary to Jesus' approach to Nicodemus.
Allow our young people to ask questions and keep the doors of conversation and connection going, even though it may be scary and difficult, invite discussion. As Christians, let's look for ways to build bridges into communities and people groups that are different from our own. Fight to understand and empathize with a young person's story and recognize them as individuals. Even though our young people may be moving away from the church or have left the institution of "church", many continue to seek Jesus. Let's allow them to freedom to explore the path to Jesus and to live in authentic faith. There is hope.
This is the full service. Sermon begins at 20:52.
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