How NOT to Hate 2020!

The weekend in-between Christmas and New Year’s may be the most skipped church weekend of the year. And...

Christmas is NOT Cancelled

There's an idiom which dates to the 1900's that goes like this: "All dressed up and no place...

Be a Hope Hero

Yesterday I came across a really helpful post by a friend----Be a Hope Hero at Christmas. Shirley Thiessen...

Everybody's Welcome. Nobody's Perfect. Anything's Possible.

In case you don't know this yet: At our church, Nobody's Perfect. We didn't need a pandemic to...

What's the Deal With Advent

The season of Advent will begin on November 29th this year. It is the church's New Year in...

Bring It Forward

For the past month I have been struck by these words of Jesus found in Luke 18:40-41, responding...

Feel Awkward and Uncomfortable? Pray Anyway.

In my Life Group we're studying prayer. We all want to grow in this area but we're being...

In Good Times and Bad, Joy Is A Choice

I hope you're finding some joy in this day. If finding joy is a struggle today, I know...

Are You Ready To Say Yes To Life With Jesus?

We're about to re-enter a season of hosting baptism live in our Sunday services...yes, even during this time...

Do Life With Jesus In the Midst of Everyday Life

I trust you have been hearing a lot about Life Groups these days at the church. That is...

Welcome Back to Kids Ministries!

Like every other church, these days we're pivoting, retooling, rebuilding, and relaunching. Next on the list is a...

Congratulations Wayne!

Congratulations to Executive Pastor Wayne Regehr on his ordination! And check out an update on Life Groups.

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