October 15, 2021

Hello Church Family—I used to ask teenagers I worked with what it would be like to have someone follow them around 24/7? To have someone capturing their life through pictures and videos, and posting it ALL for the world to see? What would that experience be like for them?

Fear would strike their faces, as it would produce the same results for us all. Social media usually shows the best of us—the perfect family, the perfect job, the perfect everything. Not only do we post the best, but we filter it, touch it up, and make the best us look even better. And driving this, for most of us, is a desire to be seen as something better than we see ourselves.

We hide behind falsity and we are totally okay with it. And if we can get away with it from a standpoint of protecting our image, then we can probably get away with it on a lot of different levels. We can project health, strength, morality, and vitality to the world, but hide that we are full of destruction, brokenness, pain, and shame. And it is shame that then causes us to hide all the more.

You see the cycle? Guess what? There can be freedom from all this! You can say “no more hiding”. This weekend, we are going to unpack this together, through the narrative of Genesis 3. Join us, bring along a friend, and we'll see you then!

See you soon,
Brody Jespersen
Senior Associate Pastor


Alpha is a safe place to discuss, question, and find community. It's open to everyone, from those who are looking for life answers to those who are new in the faith.

There's still time to join! Starting Tuesday, October 12 for 10 weeks, Sherwood Park Alliance will be hosting Alpha. Register at spac.ca/groupfinder.


The last two years have been tough on our kids and teens, as well as their families. On October 27, we will be hosting a parent discussion with Dr. Shawn Reynolds, a psychologist in our congregation who is also the father of two teenagers.

The discussion will include strategies related to anxiety and building resiliency, along with general family self-care strategies as we manage stress at this stage of the pandemic. Register here.


Want to VOLUNTEER? We are still in need of volunteers for this year's Clothing Exchange.

This year there will be two Clothing Exchanges held—one at Sherwood Park Alliance on October 23 and one at Millbourne Community Life Centre on October 30.

For all the details or to register to volunteer please visit spac.ca/clothingexchange.


We Care is relaunching!

Every Sunday, church happens in a downtown parking lot. We come together to share the Word with a side of coffee and friendship. Community happens here!

If you are interesed in serving this ministry or reengaging if you served in the past, please to go spac.ca/serve and fill out a form. We'll get in touch with all of our current opportunities.

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