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What is a Medium Sized Group?
If you're feeling new and unconnected, medium sized groups are a safe entry point into connection for anyone to begin feeling like they are known and belong in our church.
What is a Life Group?
Life Groups takes connection one step further. Pursuing deep community, where you are committed to being in ongoing relationships with Jesus and one another in your discipleship journey. By participating in an in-person or online group, you can expect to connect with others through a common activity, engaging in life giving conversation and study that will grow your walk with Jesus.
What is a Support Group?
Every life has seasons of pain, crisis and challenges that can be isolating and confusing. Support Groups are a safe place to find connection, hope, and a path forward. Support groups are offered in areas such as mental health, grief and identity.  

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A 4-week journey with others, in a medium sized setting. Here you’ll have opportunity to enjoy a meal, meet others, talk about faith through our sermon series, and pray for each other. Connections is a quick and simple way to find community! Next session starts April 27.

LifeGroup Carlzon

We are mainly young couples (and a few little ones) but are open to all, regardless of age. Our focus is to grow deeper in spiritual knowledge, spurring each other on. We meet virtually every two weeks and in person, once a month, for food and fellowship.

LifeGroup Fernandez (Spanish)

"Caminar a través de los Evangelios": (i) analizar los contextos de los Evangelios en el tiempo de Jesús: político, religioso, económico, sociocultural y geográfico, y (ii) comenzar a estudiar el Evangelio de Mateo (capítulo por capítulo)

LifeGroup Hansen

We are a group open to adults with cognitive and/or physical disabilities who are wanting to study the Bible for the first time and would like to begin and develop their relationship with Jesus. We'll have open conversation as we read and understand the Bible and become a strong support for one another.

LifeGroup Hansen K

Come join this group of ladies meeting to share and discuss spiritual challenges we are experiencing or questioning. We will disciple, support and nurture each other through listening, studies and prayer.

LifeGroup Hay

We meet as a group to study God’s Word and discuss with the unique perspective that singles have.

LifeGroup Jaehn

A space where you can meet new people, talk about following Jesus, read Scripture, and pray together. Come join us and enjoy in-depth Bible study in community.

LifeGroup Jensen

This multi-generational group of women meeting for study and mutual encouragement.

LifeGroup Khan

A group of women over 35 encouraging each other in their faith and personal lives.

LifeGroup Lalani

Seniors, meeting for informal bible-based study, encouragement and prayer.

LifeGroup Man to Man

Start your weekend off by connecting with other guys (multi-generational). We gather weekly and explore relevant issues of life and faith through video teaching and lively conversation.

LifeGroup Pietsch

A space where you can connect with new people, pray for one another and study the Word together as we go through our church's sermon based study. This group is open to all ages and life stages.

LifeGroup ReimerG

Senior couples meeting together for study and encouragement.

LifeGroup Szkarlat

Come join this group of mature adults in seeking to grow as disciples of Christ through study and discussion. A place to belong and explore spiritual disciplines together.

LifeGroup Thiessen

Seniors gathering together to enjoy social events, study, discussion and prayer.

LifeGroup Zapf

Mature couples with a focus on our relationships with children, relatives, friends and community. Navigating life together as we share from our stories of the past and events of the present.

MediumSizeGroup ARTalk

Calling all artists! We gather each month to be inspired as a community of artists learning the value of using our gifts in the kingdom of God. No meeting in February - enjoy Family Day!

MediumSizeGroup Boomers

Are you part of the active, lively generation age 55-70ish? Come as we gather for a great time of connection, which always includes good snacks. April event is offsite, use the CONTACT button to request details.

MediumSizeGroup Daybreak

A medium sized group for women in all life stages. A time for connection, community, and conversation around daily life and faith. We will be offering child care through our Buddy Break program for kids ages 0-Kindergarten. Cost: $10/person; $40/child

MediumSizeGroup Wednesday Gents

Calling men ages 30-45. We read through a book of the Bible, applying what we read into our walk as men/husbands/fathers/employees. Some weeks it is a social time to play and do 'manly' things. .

MediumSizeGroup Women's Cafe - Monday

Calling women of all ages and stages of life who long for great conversation and connection. Come when you can, leave when you must. Bring a craft to work on, a game to play, bring a friend, come by yourself, discover new friends. Connection and spiritual conversation awaits.

MediumSizeGroup Work is Worship

From creation God called humans to work as a way of glorifying Him. Come join us for six weeks as we explore what worshiping God through our daily work lives means today. April 12 to May 19.

MediumSizeGroup Young Adults

For YA ages 18-29. Our primary focus is spiritual formation and discipleship. Thursday evenings are designed to do just this by getting into the Word together. We'll meet around tables for discussion and study. Saturdays we worship together at the evening service and after we connect to build community. For the latest details check out @spac_ya

SupportGroup GriefShare

Find support, comfort, and community with others who have experienced bereavement and discover how God can give you peace and hope through your grieving. GriefShare is a 13-week program designed to help you face these challenges and move toward rebuilding your life. Cost $35.

SupportGroup Mental Health

Whether you’re struggling with mental health or are supporting someone who is, the church is a safe place of belonging, support and hope. This group opens up conversations around 8 key mental health topics using The Sanctuary Course material. Cost is $20.

SupportGroup New Identity

We find our identity not by looking at ourselves and striving to prove our worth but by looking at Jesus and surrendering to the work of God's Holy Spirit. Only then do we get to relax and enjoy being the person God made us to be with all our uniqueness and potential. Cost $20.

SupportGroup Parenting Children with Special Needs

This once-a month group seeks to create a safe space to share the unique challenges, joys and demands of parenting children with special needs. Believing that every child is a unique gift who is loved by God, our goal is to encourage, strengthen, support and pray for each other in the journey. Coffee and a snack will be served.

SupportGroup Professional and Leadership Women's Network

A support group for women navigating the role of a career and professional women alongside the complexities of life. Come hear stories, connect and support each other.