Faith at Home: Cultivating an Intentional Home

Cultivating an intentional home is really about intentional parenting. It is that idea of knowing where you are headed as a family, defining values and being deliberate in how that is implemented.

Pastor James Choi along with Mark and Marla Wiens touch on three areas of parenting:

1. Intentional time

This doesn’t always have to be a big, extraordinary event, it’s not what you do, it’s just being present with them. Some suggestions include:

  • Doing errands together
  • Finding a shared interest
  • Stepping into their interests, even if it’s not what you naturally enjoy or are good at. 
  • Inviting them into in your chores – changing tires, cooking, construction = teaching life skills and time together.
  • Involving them in your hobbies and interests.

2. Intentional Conversations

These aren't scripted, they’re part of everyday life that are helping shape your child’s identity in Christ. Intentional conversation means:

  • Actively listening,
  • Asking questions that prompt critical thinking and character building,
  • Modelling respectful speech.
  • Staying calm. A calm demeanor diffuses the situation rather than escalating it. Think and pray before responding. 
  • Letting them TALK and let them FINISH. Listen without judgement and without reaction. 

 The most important conversation you can have is with God. We are so aware of how flawed we are as parents. It is only by God’s grace that our children are walking with Him and desire to grow in their understanding and love for Him.

3. Intentional Mission

 As a family, what do we value? What are we all about? 

  • List them all, vote on the top 12; allocate a month to each value (without forgetting the other.
  • Summarize a mission statement 
  • Make this your own as a family. Everyone needs to have a say so they own it and feel accountable.

Christ IS the foundation of all that we do and it is embedded in all things. What is most important to you, what you immerse yourself in cannot help but come out in your day- to-day living.

Listen to the whole conversation with Mark and Marla Wiens.

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