Testimonies of the Young Teachers

This weekend, we are going to pause from the current regular series, Teach Us To Pray, with Testimonies...

Testimonies of the Young Teachers

January 24, 2021
Get to know the "young" teachers and their hearts. These pastors teach in various settings within the church,...

Stop Pretending

September 20, 2020
If we won't live forever, or even long enough to make a lasting difference in the world, how...

Find Joy in Little Things

September 27, 2020
Facing death can radically enable us to enjoy life. By relativizing all that we do in our days...

Wise Power

December 3, 2022
When handled with wisdom, power becomes power for and power with and not power over. Power for empowers...

Wise Business

December 10, 2022
Wisdom and wealth have a conflicted relationship, so for entrepreneurs and business leaders, there’s a fine line between...

Malkijah: The Dung Gate Guy

July 16, 2023
The seemingly small Kingdom contributions can sometimes make the biggest difference.


September 10, 2023
If there’s a sacred practice especially suited to our culture it’s the Sabbath. Our restless hearts need the...


September 17, 2023
In the Genesis story God works for six days and rests on the seventh. In doing so, He...


September 24, 2023
In a culture marked by addiction to the twin drugs of accumulation and accomplishment, the Sabbath is a...