You Give them Something

Few things cause us to depend on God more than pushing through fears, excuses, or perceived inadequacies in...

You Give Them Something

September 5, 2021
Few things cause us to depend on God more than pushing through fears, excuses, or perceived inadequacies in...

Still Loved

October 31, 2021
We say all the time: ‘God is loving,’ ‘God is love.’ Yet, doesn’t the general tone and tenor...

Coming Back

November 28, 2021
Is the Old Testament standard of tithing 10% of everything still applicable to Christ-following people today?

Priority One

Pray first. Prayer is a priority in the life of a believer, and of any community of faith.

Priority One

January 2, 2022
For centuries church leaders have taken their priority cues from the book of Acts. On the first weekend...

Jonah Runs

February 13, 2022
It's never too late to stop running from God. In chapter 1 we see the first indicators of...

The Battle of the Gods

May 28, 2022
God of the bible, is better than the god of thunder.

The Lie you live

June 4, 2022
Gospel belief should result in a new way of living. When it doesn’t, then what’s the point?

Wise Doers

October 29, 2022
To hear God is to grasp Him speaking to us in Christ, by His Spirit, and through the...

Wise Works

November 12, 2022
Wise faith is merciful faith. Faith without mercy is not faith...

Wise Words

November 19, 2022
Speech is the far frontier and fiercest opponent in our fight to subdue sin.

New Years Day - 2023

January 1, 2023
Following Jesus isn’t about trying harder to be good. It’s about listening better to the Voice ...

God Will Not Give You More Than You Can Handle

January 22, 2023
God is not sitting around in heaven throwing afflictions and challenges our way to see how we do....

Love The Sinner, Hate The Sin

February 12, 2023
We ought to love all people, and hate all sin...especially our own.


February 19, 2023
Hosea’s poetry reveals deep truths about God’s character and human nature. God’s ultimate purpose is to heal and...


February 26, 2023
There is a critical relationship between God’s justice and mercy. If God is good, He has to confront...


March 5, 2023
We cling to God’s proven character and promises when things are looking bleak!


March 12, 2023
It may look like the world is evil and out of control, but the promises of God remain....


March 19, 2023
Within the seemingly contradictory concepts of justice and love is found the future hope for our world.


March 26, 2023
Our choices matter. Our obedience to God (or lack thereof) makes a difference, and plays a role in...


April 2, 2023
God’s hopeful promises remain, even when our lives and the world around us are a wild ride. When...

Malkijah: The Dung Gate Guy

July 16, 2023
The seemingly small Kingdom contributions can sometimes make the biggest difference.

Josiah: You’ve Gotta Be (Kid)ding Me

July 2, 2023
A young king reminds us of the potential of the next generation and leads us to reflect on...

Judas: Not That One, the Other One

June 25, 2023
One of the lesser-known Judas' provides a lesson for us on the power of faithfulness.

Deeply Rooted...IN JESUS

October 1, 2023
We believe the whole world (homes, workplaces, churches, and communities) – are made better when Jesus and...

Deeply Rooted...IN ATTITUDE

October 8, 2023
Blessed are those who recognize their deep dependency on God. No matter how bad things might get, it’s...

Deeply Rooted...IN INFLUENCE

October 15, 2023
God’s heart for His followers is that they salt the earth and light the world – to permeate...

Deeply Rooted...IN GRACE

October 22, 2023
Jesus reveals the vicious cycle of anger that we can all get sucked into, and more importantly, how...

Deeply Rooted...IN PRAYER

November 5, 2023
One of the great invitations Jesus makes to His deeply rooted followers is the invitation to fellowship and...

The Art of Advent | Joseph

December 10, 2023
Joseph’s supportive, background role in the Christmas story is a comfort to those of us who feel like...

The Art of Advent | Mary

December 17, 2023
Here’s a young girl who understands God well enough to believe and trust in what He asks of...