Power in Personal Invitation

My husband and I had been attending SPAC for 6 years and felt like we should have a lot more friends than we did at that point. Admittedly, starting up a women’s life group was my attempt at forming friendships that went beyond small talk conversation in the church. Before starting up a group, I considered what it would feel like if I were looking to join a life group.
For me, the thought of signing up in a random group was a bit intimidating. Instead, if someone who I was familiar with approached me and highlighted something in me that would bring value to their group, it would be that personal invitation that would draw me in. This method of invitation was a step of courage, as I knew rejection was a very real possibility; but I went for it anyways. One morning I sent out 9 personal invitations to women I wanted to get to know better. To my great delight, every single one said yes! There is power in personal invitation, and it is a beautiful gesture to encourage within our church family.

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