Baptism Prep Class

If you’ve been considering baptism as your next step in faith or you want to know why baptism is an essential next step in a believer's life – you are invited to attend one of our Baptism Prep Classes. Come to one of these half hour sessions and we’ll help walk you through understanding what baptism means, why this next step is an essential part of your faith journey, and the significant value it has behind your story with Jesus.

Baptism Prep Classes will be offered after each service on

  • August 3 and 5
  • August 10 and 11
  • August 17 and 18

Registration is not required, everyone is welcome.
Baptism services will be Saturday, August 24 and Sunday, August 25.
If you have questions or want to talk with someone click Request Information and we will be in touch soon!    

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