What have you got to give?

September 3, 2021

Hi everyone – hope you’re having a good transition week as we all shift from summer to fall mode. I usually manage to get a little deeper into September before lighting up the furnace for the first time, but I caved on September 1 this year…oh well, here we go!

This is another one of my multi-topic posts. I won’t keep you long, but please do me a favour and read to the end as I’ve got some important updates for you.

This Weekend's Sermon

This weekend, I’m going to teach a message which I hope leaves you thinking about ‘what you got’. What I mean by that will make more sense once you’ve tuned in or joined us in-person, trust me. For now, start thinking about your availability, your abilities, talents, and capacities. Whatever you got, small and insignificant as it may seem, in the hands of the Master – produces good things. Kingdom things!

This weekend, everyone will be invited to bring the little bit you got to Jesus. Online and in-person services are at 7 PM on Saturday and 10 AM on Sunday – and weekend content is available on demand via YouTube on Sunday afternoon.

We’re looking forward to resuming our 3rd weekend gathering, as well as new live stream options in the next few weeks, so watch this space and our website for more.

COVID Update

Effective Friday, September 10, Strathcona County will align with the City of Edmonton in instituting a Temporary Mandatory Face Coverings Bylaw for all indoor public spaces. As you plan to attend services next weekend and going forward, remember to bring your mask and respect the comfort level of those around you.

We’ll have extra supplies ready if you forget anything, and our hospitality team is ready to help you experience a low-stress and safe environment while on our campus.

Staff Update

We’ll be introducing you to some new pastors and leaders for each of the next few weeks. Pastor Jesse Flim isn’t new to our team, as he’s been a regular part of weekend gatherings since joining our team as a worship arts intern in 2019. But today I’m delighted to tell you that we’ve redeployed Jesse to a new role as Worship Pastor.

I hope you’ll join me in blessing and affirming Jesse in this important, culture-shaping role, and let’s give him our full support by bringing our best, worshipping selves to the gathering. We’ll hear more about what this opportunity means to Jesse as he shares a bit more during services this weekend.

Last thing – it’s our practice to observe communion, the Lord’s Table, typically on the first full weekend of the month. We’ve got a lot of good stuff packed into this Saturday and Sunday’s services, so we’re going to bump our observance of this vital sacrament to next week when we can give it the space and focus it deserves.

Keep looking out for yourselves and for each other friends! Hope to see you either online or in-person this weekend.

Greg Hochhalter


Join us for our second annual Family Amazing Race on Sept 25th at 10am.

You and your family will follow clues as you race around Sherwood Park searching for an opportunity to snap a selfie with some of your favorite staff members. Open to all ages and prizes available!

Registration is required: https://www.spac.ca/events/681


There is no manual for raising kids, but God has given us something far better - the Holy Spirit, and the community around us.

Child Dedication is a way to acknowledge our dependence on the leadership and guidance of the Holy Spirit as we do our best to be an example and lead our children into a relationship with Jesus.

If you are interested in Child Dedication, please register by visiting the website. spac.ca/childdedication


Life Groups matter because they invite you into a place of deep community where you are known, loved and encouraged to grow in your walk with Jesus.

We know community begins when we move from sitting in rows, to doing life in circles together. If you’d like to find ways to connect deeper into community and grow in your walk with Jesus, the opportunity to join or lead a life group is one of the best ways to do this! We’d love to help you find a community either in-person or online!

A Life Groups Open House will be held on the September 18/19 weekend. We would love for you to plan to attend and find out more about what Groups we have available in our church and how you can get involved! www.spac.ca/lifegroups

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