Giving to the church allows all of us to minister. And regardless of which form our ministry takes - whether we welcome, we give, we go, or we serve - it is all summed up as we love.

Where Do Donations Go?

Ministry Fund
The day-to-day operations of our church are supported through the Ministry Fund, practically enabling ministries to make disciples of all ages and tell the story of Jesus in creative ways, providing salary support to our staff, and caring for the operating costs of our facilities.
Compassion Fund
We are a community where help, hope and healing are practically extended to those in need. The Compassion Fund is designed to provide a financial base for helping people in difficult situations.
Capital Fund
We're always looking for new ways to serve people using our facilities and equipment. The purchase of new or replacement equipment is met by the Capital Fund, based on need and priority.
Missions Fund
This fund focuses on awareness and engagement in mission projects undertaken by the church in support of domestic and foreign missions.

Offering Received Last WeekOffering Received 19 Weeks *Budget 19 Weeks Variance 19 Weeks
Ministry Fund28,1761,325,6711,314,400


Compassion Fund1,941107,19692,320


Capital Fund531



Global Advance Fund72164,91391,667


Other Missions Fund1,737109,14664,61044,536
Total Offerings33,1061,687,5111,676,33011,181
*Budget indicated is based on approved budget.

Attendance - In-person gathering - currently no in-person gatherings until Jan 30/31 weekend

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Last updated 01.13.2021