Why should I join a small group?
A group isn’t just one more thing to add to your already busy schedule. It’s a place to get connected, make some friends, learn to love and live like Jesus, and keep growing. It’s an intentional next step.
What does a small group do?
Every group is different, but generally a group will meet at the leader’s or host’s home, spend some time catching up on their week, delving into a study that the group has chosen, talk about how these things apply to your lives, and spend some time in prayer. Some groups choose to spend their time serving in their neighbourhood or for a cause they are passionate about, some choose to enjoy meal together, some groups move locations every week, and some groups simply do the study.
Is childcare available?
This depends on the group. Some groups work together to come up with a childcare solution that fits everyone.
What happens if the group isn’t the right fit for me?
Often groups will start with a meet and greet – which is understood as a chance to get a feel for the group and agree on what the group is (how it will work, times, expectations, patterns). It is understood that people may discover this isn’t the group for them and it’s fine to choose another group.
What if none of the groups fit into my schedule?
We understand life can be busy. Consider starting a group that meets your schedule and seek out other people that have the same schedule as you do.
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