Many of the protocols and procedures we have been following this past year are no longer required. We can now gather once again to worship and be in the presence of our Lord without having to mask-up, socially distance, register, and take your temperature! We can return to life, or a version of life, pre-COVID. However, just because we are edging toward a Stage 3 reopening, does not mean that respect and care for one another is not at the forefront. Remember that everyone has their own personal comfort levels, so before you hug someone or shake their hand, ask if he or she is comfortable doing so. Please be mindful of others’ personal space and proximity, and honour someone’s desire to wear a mask and physically distance.
If you decide that you would like to return to church in-person, please only do so if you feel comfortable and ready. Online services will continue to be offered on Saturday at 7 pm and on Sunday at 10 am.
Kids Ministry programming is available Sunday at 10 am for Nursery - Grade 6. Saturday's at 7 pm only Nursery is available. See Welcome Back Families for more information.  
Rest assured that even though we aren’t currently streaming our in-person experience, we design all the services with the same content so you’re not missing out. Our hope is to move back to streaming our in-person experience fairly soon, and we’re currently in the process of raising funds to enhance our ability to do that again. All messages are also available on demand.

* Sherwood Park Alliance Church will continue to follow the latest government authority COVID-19 protocols and guidelines. If required, a stage may be paused to respond to the direction given at regional or provincial levels.