We are planning to welcome you back to in-person service starting Saturday, June 19 at 7 pm and Sunday, June 20 at 10 am. In-person registration is required and will open on Saturday, June 5 at 8 pm.
While the option to return to in-person gathering is available, please do so only if you are ready, and feel safe and comfortable gathering again. If you feel more comfortable attending service online, online services will continue on the various platforms (online through the spac.ca/watch, YouTube, Facebook, Apple TV and Fire TV). Of course, if you happen to miss a service, you can always watch it or previous services On-Demand through the website.
We take your health very seriously and will continue to comply with the protocols outlined by the provincial government authorities for guidance. We will still worship, pray and learn together in a way that glorifies and honours our Lord and our God - whether you decide to join online or in-person.
* In-person gatherings may be suspended or change at any time as a result of new or modified regulations and/or restrictions put in place by provincial government authorities to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Sherwood Park Alliance Church will comply with protocols outlined by provincial government authorities.

Frequently Asked Questions:

The decision to resume in-person services Saturday at 7 pm and Sunday at 10 am was made to accommodate those who, pre-COVID, attended Saturday evening service. When we relaunched services earlier this past fall, in-person service was held exclusively on Sunday. As we start to gather again in-person, we thought it only fair to start with Saturday and include another in-person service on Sunday at 10 am. This also gives the Weekend Ministry team time to prepare for weekend service on Saturday afternoons.

Whether you choose to attend in-person or online weekend service, the times reflect the usual summer schedule: Saturday at 7 pm and Sunday at 10 am. As we progress through spring and summer season, the weekend service schedule will be revisited toward the fall.
We will continue to pre-produce online service for the time-being so those who engage online will experience the digital format in the best way possible. While the experience from in-person to online service may have a slightly different feel, the scripture readings, the worship music, and the sermon will all be the same.
If you would like to attend weekend service in-person, you must pre-register online by visiting our website. Reservations for in-person service held on Saturday, June 19 and Sunday, June 20 will be open on Saturday, June 5 at 8 pm. Reservations for subsequent in-person weekend gatherings will be available on the Monday prior to the gathering.

Once registration opens, you can reserve your spot for your group. The person making the reservation acts on behalf of the group and is responsible for ensuring all people within the group are healthy at the time of service. In addition, the person making the reservation agrees to be the contact person for Alberta Health Services, if necessary.

There is no limit to the number of people you can register; however, to maintain a safe physical distance between people in our auditorium, the chairs have been arranged in pods of two to five. If there are more than five people within your group, they will be split and seated in another pod. We will try to ensure the pods are as close together as possible. Please keep your group together and stay within your assigned pod.
To guarantee a spot for you and your group, please reserve your seats. If you do not register, there is no guarantee space will be available at the time of service. The website will indicate availability or if the service is fully booked.

If you choose to drop-in for weekend service and have not pre-registered, your chance to attend the service will depend on availability. If reservations are fully booked, you and your group will be placed on standby. If reserved parties do not show up and there is room for all to attend within your group, you will be assigned to a pod.
Each group attending an in-person service is considered a cohort group. That is, groups of people who are in contact with one another on a regular basis and do not have to maintain a two metre (six foot) distance. For example, members within your household. The chairs within the auditorium have been arranged to accommodate cohort groups in pods of two to five. Please try your best to locate an appropriately sized pod for your group; ushers are available to assist you. If there are more than five people within your group, your group will be split into two pods. Each pod has been measured to maintain a 2 metre (six foot) distance.
Attendance must be managed in a way that maintains a two metre (six foot) distance between cohort groups. For Sherwood Park Alliance Church, we could host a maximum of 250 people per service time.
The balcony will be made available to families with small children who choose to attend the main service. Fireside Room will remain closed.
A mandatory face covering bylaw remains in affect for Strathcona County. To ensure your safety and the safety of everyone around you, you are required to wear a mask at all times while in the building and through the duration of service including while seated within your pod. If you don’t have a mask when you enter the building, one will be provided for you.
Masks must be worn for the duration of the service, which allows you to sing in worship and praise.
If you have mobility restrictions or have a disability, you do not need to wait in line to check-in. You will still be required to register online prior to the service and reserve a pod for your group.

When you arrive, please inform a Hospitality team member and they will be happy to check you and your group in. You and your group will then be escorted to your pod. The accessible washroom located on the main floor will remain open.
We are excited to welcome you back to Kids Ministry (Ministries) programming starting Sunday, June 20 at the 10 am service!

While the option to have your child(ren) return to Kids Ministries is available, all children must register to participate in Sunday morning programming. This is a unique opportunity to commit your child(ren) to a 10-week cohort group starting June 20 - August 29. They will be intentionally invested in by their Life Group leaders and grow in community with their peers, all while having a lot of fun! Please register your child(ren) only if you are ready and feel safe to do so.

Children are always welcome in the service. To keep your child(ren) engaged in the main service, age-appropriate Sermon Kits containing fun Bible-based activities will continue to be provided. For the duration of the service, please ensure your child(ren) remain within your designated pod area and respect physical distancing protocols.

If you are interested in registering your child(ren) for Kids Ministries or would like more information, please visit the Kids Ministries Welcome Back page! The safety and health of your child(ren) is our utmost priority.
While we ask that you and party arrive early to allow time to check-in, church doors will open 30 minutes prior to service. Before entering the building, each member within your group with have their temperature checked.

You and your group may need to wait in line to check-in. Please ensure you bring a copy (digital or printed) of your confirmation email with the QR Code to check-in. If there are any issues with your QR code or checking in, we will direct you to our check-in desk in the Atrium to get you properly registered.

When you enter the building, sanitize your hands. Please wear a mask to protect yourself and everyone around you. If you do not have a mask, one will be provided to you.

Once you have successfully checked-in, you and your group may proceed to your pod. Please keep your group together, stay within your pod and practice physical distancing between other groups.

Once service concludes, please exit the building in an orderly manner and maintain a safe distance between groups. Please exit the building immediately and keep any fellowship with others outside in a socially distanced manner. This will ensure bottlenecks do not occure and that traffice flow is managed appropriately while maintaining physical distance.
You still can give during service; however, receipt of the offering will be different. To avoid as much contact as possible, a giving station will be set up at the entrance of the auditorium; however, you are encouraged to take advantage of the options to give online, electronic giving stations for online donations will also be available in the atrium.

On the back of each chair situated in the auditorium, a QR code is available for you to access the online Give webpage where you can give your offering.
We have transitioned to a digital version of the Bulletin, now called Announcements, that is accessible through the QR code on the backs of each chair in the auditorium. Using the camera app on your mobile phone, scan the QR code to access the Announcements page on the website. Android users may have to download a QR Scanner App on their phone. The QR Code will also provide you with the ability to Give online and to Connect with us.

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