September 10, 2021



Life Group Open House

If you are interested in finding ways to connect deeper into community and grow in your walk with Jesus, join or lead a life group! We’d love to help you find a community through either in-person or online group options.

Immediately after the services on the September 18/19 weekend we will have a Groups Open House hosted in the North Balcony. Join us to learn more about what Groups we have available in our church and how to either join a group or lead one.

Child Dedication

There is no manual for raising kids, but God has given us something far better - the Holy Spirit and the community around us. Child Dedication is a way to acknowledge our dependence on the leadership and guidance of the Holy Spirit as we do our best to be an example and lead our children into a relationship with Jesus. If you are interested, please register by visiting the website. 

Family Amazing Race

Join us for our second annual SPAC Family Amazing Race on Sept 25th at 10am. You and your family will follow clues as you race around Sherwood Park searching for an opportunity to snap a selfie with some of your favorite staff members. Open to all ages and prizes are available. Registration today!

Pizza with the Pastor

For anyone who may be newer to our church community, we would love to meet you and get to know you better. A few times a year, we hold what is called Pizza With the Pastor. If you would like to meet a few of our Pastors and get to know some other people, register to attend after the services on September 25/26


As we look towards building new teams for the fall there are many opportunities to get involved. Go to to learn more.

We believe that actively serving others brings us closer to God and reminds us to love like he does. Through serving, you'll use the unique ways that God has gifted you to help create welcoming environments where he can change lives.


If you believe in what God is doing at Sherwood Park Alliance Church, take your next step — be a part of the team. During this one-hour session, you will learn more about what Sherwood Park Alliance is all about and what it means to be a member.

The class will be offered both online on Tuesday, September 28, as well as in-person on Thursday, September 30 - register here.


We are hiring! Check out the career opportunities currently available and consider whether you might be a fit for our staff team. Alternatively, if you know someone else who might be a good fit, encourage them to apply?


Do you have Family News you'd like to share with our church family? Email and let us know!


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