Solemn Assembly

A Week of Prayer.

January 8-12, 2018

Solemn Assembly Book

Additional Family Resource, SonBurst Kids' Ministry

As a church family we mark our calendars to intentionally begin the new year by doing something counter-cultural. Each year we hear people say… 

"Starting the year by intentionally slowing down to be with God, instead of speeding up, has been amazing." 
"I can't wait for this year's Solemn Assembly." 
"Each year I've had significant interactions with God and others that have changed me.”  

Again this year we declare first importance isn’t getting ourselves organized, joining the gym or finding the best investment opportunity.  First importance is aligning our hearts with the heart of our Heavenly Father.  Hearing the voice of the One who holds the whole world in His hand and who invites us to look ahead to this next year with joy, expectation and calm because we walk hand in hand with Him.  

In a world that is a drift in confusion and chaos we have an anchor for our souls, a guide for the journey, a guarantee that, regardless of the circumstances that unfold in 2018, we can live lives of eternal significance. Together, we choose in 2018 to partner with God in bringing His love and light to our world.    

Solemn Assembly sets the tone for a year in which we individually, and collectively as a church family, experience more of what it means to live our whole lives in a love relationship with God. Out of the overflow of that relationship we will carry out the mission of Jesus, bringing Good News to this world that desperately needs some, by radically loving our neighbors and even our enemies.  

Jesus lived every moment of His life in loving relationship to the Father.  He showed us how to live a life of complete and joy-filled alignment with God.  His prayers illustrate that everything He did flowed out of that relationship. This year our Solemn Assembly will look at Jesus’ prayers.  As we consider this we also recognize that Jesus is still praying for us today.   

Praying with Jesus in Restful Dependence
Monday, January 8
7-9 pm Prayer Gathering

Praying with Jesus for Wisdom and Guidance
Tuesday, January 9
7-9 pm Prayer Gathering
Wisdom and Guidance Resource
Wisdom and Guidance Resource II

Praying with Jesus through Unanswered Prayer
Wednesday, January 10
7-9 pm Prayer Gathering

Praying with Jesus for Healing and Wholeness
Thursday, January 11
7-9 pm Prayer Gathering 
Healing and Wholeness Resource

Praying with Jesus for His Mission
Friday, January 12
5:30–7:30 pm Celebration Gathering and Potluck (families welcome)
Jesus and His Mission Resource