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Happy Snowy Weekend Church Family!

Thrilled to be able to gather with you this weekend as we continue through our study of the book of James. This weekend, we will be looking at James 2:1-13. Have a read beforehand. It’s a pointed message – One that I truly believe those of us living out here in the county need to be reminded of. Favouritism and celebrity have eked their way into our culture – and dare I say – even our churches. If you want to go down a dark rabbit trail I’d encourage you to check out on Instagram an account dedicated to exactly this, called: “preachers and sneakers”. (just for the record, my infamous red Nike’s came from the outlet discount wall in Leduc! 😊)

James is going to remind the church – that favouritism, and celebrity, have no place in the body of Christ. It’s just not the way of Jesus. To love your neighbour as yourself, means all in, regardless of status, class, political leaning, race, gender, etc.

So join us this weekend – and if you are coming on Sunday – Don’t forget, it is daylight savings time this weekend. So, enjoy the extra hour of sleep, or trying to get it while your kids relentlessly wake you up early anyway.

Brody Jespersen | Senior Associate Pastor


Justice and Compassion Christmas Projects

As the Christmas season approaches, there will be many way to engage in giving by participating in one or more projects that our Justice and Compassion team is leading.

We know Christmas is still a couple months away, but an early way to engage is by participating in Operation Christmas Child. Boxes can be picked up in the Atrium and returned on November 12/13.

For detailed information on Samaritan's Purse, packing your shoebox, or to see the impact your shoebox can have go to samaritanspurse.ca.

Other ways to engage this Christmas will be:

  • We Care Bags
  • Sign a Christmas Greeting for an International Worker

Stay tuned for more information in the weeks ahead!



When we re-orient our lives around living and loving like Jesus, we are made new. Baptism is a celebration of this commitment and a time to share how God is transforming us.

Our next baptisms will be during our weekend services on November 19/20. To learn more about why baptism is one of the most meaningful next steps for everyone who choses this way of life, check out our baptism brochure and then contact us to start a conversation by filling out the baptism form.

Baptism Prep:

If you’ve been considering baptism as your next step in faith or you want to know why baptism is an essential next step in a believer's life – then we want to invite you out to one of our Baptism Prep Classes. Here, we’ll help walk you through understanding what baptism means, why this next step is an essential part of your faith journey, and the significant value it has behind your story with Jesus. 

Our next Baptism Prep Classes will be immediately after the services on November 5/6, 12/13 with an online option on Sunday November 13 at 2 pm.  


Child Dedication

There is no manual for raising kids, but God has given us something far better - the Holy Spirit, and community. Child Dedication is a way to acknowledge our dependence on the leadership and guidance of the Holy Spirit as we do our best to be an example and lead our children into a relationship with Jesus.

Our next Child Dedication is scheduled for November 26 & 27. To register by November 13 and for more information, please see spac.ca/kids.



Groups are a gathering of people from all walks of life where you are invited into a place of deep community, where you can be known, loved, and encouraged to grow in your walk with Jesus.

If you are new or feeling unconnected and would like to find a safe entry point into a group; we want to invite you out to ‘Connections’.

Starting November 17, Connections will take you on a 4-week journey with others, in a medium sized setting. Here you’ll have opportunity to enjoy a meal, meet others, talk about faith through our current sermon series, and pray for one another. Connections is a quick and simple way for anyone to find connection leading into community! 

For more information on all Groups, please contact groups@spac.ca.

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